Living outside of time: intercalary days 2013

I had wanted to write something last night, as it was the last day of the Kemetic Orthodox year. My dsl conspired against me to do any writing on that front.

This year has been… I’m not sure. A lot of it has been a blur because of the health stuffs. Most of my energy went to keeping me upright and able to work. The last day of Year 20 was most notable for me in that I felt energetic, had a good belly dance lesson, and had no want or need for a rest during the day. While I know the healing process for me is a mix of ups and downs, the overall bar seems to be getting higher again.

I’m curious to know Who will be over the coming year. But I also do not want to rush it. For all that I am not going to the House’s Retreat this year and still working, I want to take something of a step back.

Plus tomorrow I need to celebrate my birthday along with Heru-wer. There will be good food, alcohol, and hopefully some time at the beach. That’s almost all of what I need for a birthday now.

Stay safe this week, everyone!


2 comments on “Living outside of time: intercalary days 2013

  1. If I don’t remember to wish you a felix natalis tomorrow, I shall do so pre-emptively now! (But, with the time change from here to the East Coast, it’s already tomorrow there, so…!)

    Felix natalis tibi,
    felix natalis tibi,
    felix natalis Soli-ae-ae,
    felix natalis tibi!
    Et multiqueeeeeeeeeeee!

    May you have three times three as many such days in the future, and may I be there to see as many of them as possible!

    You are awesome, and I hope that this next year is better for you in health and every other way as well!

  2. My dear friend, thank you so much!

    I also woke up to some excellent gifts. Might post about them here.

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