Apple thorn, or, my dreams can be awesome

I’m only just waking up right now but my excitement is too much and I want to put that into the post. This week my dreams have been a little more difficult to recall. and my sleep not so good. Last night brought a good night of slumber and dreams worth it.

I was in the back yard of the house in which I grew up, and there was some kind of magical gathering going on complete with people selling their wares. My time was focused around the crab apple tree which was in the background, but as dreams do some of the details changed. Now it had thorns coming from its limbs and the tree was seeding new growth nearby. These trees were so vivid that once I was awake I knew I had to do a little investigating.

And yes, I know some of you better versed in plants are snickering right now.

As soon as I started searching on DuckDuckGo, the first hit answered all my questions. There is indeed a plant known as a thorn apple.

And that would be datura, an entheogenic plant which I have in my possession. I think I might have some dried, but I know I also have some through one of Sarah’s ointments.

I know what I am doing tonight.

Also, the thorn part itself is showing other significance for me. A few years back I bought two necklaces from Beth with yarn cords and vials: one of a hawthorn and another a blackthorn. This summer I have also learned of a tree called the honey locust and I’ve developed a mild fixation on getting a hold of some of its thorns. I know where I can get them, but I will add that if anyone reading this can get more of any of these tree thorns, please contact me.

This is when patience pays off. My health has meant that I have had very little extra energy for anything outside of the bare basics. I’m starting to improve overall and it seems some part of my inner self is getting better as well.


3 comments on “Apple thorn, or, my dreams can be awesome

  1. I’m laughing because I actually made a datura ritual cord too, when I came out with the first batch of my plant cords. I never offered it for sale because it was mostly white (for the flowers) and a tiny bit of essential oil yellowed the white in one spot, marring it slightly. I sill have it in my fiber closet, awaiting the day I decide to post some “seconds” items.

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