Autumnal and full moon magics, September 2013

On Thursday, I got back to doing my monthly candle spell. Missed it for August, may have missed it in July. Thank the Gods that it seems to be something easily renewed. Also, surprise, some of the areas which fall under its scope are getting renewed focus from me right now. Whichever one feeds the other, I don’t care. The point is that it’s happening.

I’ve also done some spiritual counseling for a friend, and with it we both realized we need to get some supplies to get some things moving again.

Today is the first day of autumn. There has been no ritual, but I have taken in the changes over these last few weeks. Heka happened today (and thank you again for that Shefyt!), and before I go to bed I might have some time in my pjs with the apple thorn to see what shifts with the spirits.

Happy holiday!


2 comments on “Autumnal and full moon magics, September 2013

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