And the world grows drimmer again

This is making its way around the blogosphere rather fast but I wanted to share as well. My dear friend Eddy Gutierrez passed away suddenly yesterday evening. I am heartbroken. Houngan Matt of Kansas City Conjure has a short and lovely tribute here.

I met Eddy at my first Pantheacon back in 2007. He attended the Danballa sevis and came back with us for the debriefing. We all were so taken with him, or at least that is how I remember it. At the time he had recently developed the Unnamed Path as a modern shamanic tradition for men-who-love-men and had been involved in Lukumi for a time. Since I have known him, he had completed his initiation (God is good, so good in how that came together), started and graduated from Miss Cat’s hoodoo class, and set up as a professional rootworker under the name Dr. E. I was always so impressed with his devotion to spirit and his ability to turn his true passion into his life’s work. His death comes as a shock to all of us who knew him and we will miss him so very much.

Happy time happy time, sweetie. I love you.

EDIT: A fund drive has been set up to help Eddy’s family with costs for end of life matters.


4 comments on “And the world grows drimmer again

  1. Raheri, I am thinking about doing a modification of the turtle ribbon plan we’d come up with for this year. Needs to happen.

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