Back at Pagan Activist and other sharing

After many months away, this week I am back on Pagan Activist with some thoughts about community and how people come together. I didn’t go into my full thoughts about the matter, so I will add this. There is a reason why I still use the label pagan, even though by many opinions I do not fit that model. I am involved in pre-Christian traditions and practices outside of the dominant model of monotheism. The other people using the label may have a practice different from me, but that does not mean we can’t hang out, be allies, exchange ideas. Also, since what I do crosses so many borders, finding anyone else who does just what I do is nearly impossible. I find my community among Pagans, magicians, Discordians, initiates of African traditional religions, and even Christians, Jews, and Muslims. I can’t not do that now.

Also, as I type this I am listening to this interview Fire Lyte did on Inciting a Riot with Sarah Lawless. I am feeling inspired and re-energized just by hearing If you’re interested in witchcraft or magical crafting I would recommend giving a listen.


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