Latest on Pagan Activist

I knew I was going to be doing this post even as I did the last one about Kenny Klein, as national events dictated it.

I’m Swedish, Heathen, and not a racist is me starting to sort out all the issues which come from being a progressive, lefty devotee of the Aesir when some others use it as justification for violence against people who are Other. There’s a ton I did not include and at some point I hope to start putting it together into something more coherent. It’s also going to take a lot more reading on my part. Consider this post the beginning.


One comment on “Latest on Pagan Activist

  1. My eldest son, when in the Army, with Aesir and Vanir in runes in tattoos on either arm, constantly had to take people to task for assuming that with those ‘markings’ and his blondness and blue eyed face — that he was a crazed racist of some sort.

    He had such (NOT) fun in those “how to spot a nutcase” Human Relations briefings.

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