Yes I’m still here!

Because I have been far too quiet here and yet still have been seeing some new subscribers here recently I thought I would say as much. There are multiple levels of brain dumping I need to do, several blog posts which have existed in my head for over a month, and in a week I switch to working evenings at the library. Gods willing, this will allow for a resumption of more spiritual work and writing in general.

In the meantime my cats continue to be adorable and do things like this of their own accord.

Cuddly cats

4 thoughts on “Yes I’m still here!

  1. I hate to bring it up, but it’s necessary: I’d still love a piece from you on Wepwawet for the cynocephali anthology…It’s not urgent, but by the end of this calendar year would be great, if possible. 😉

  2. Thank you for reminding me, dear. That had dropped completely off my radar with everything which has happened. I WILL make this one happen.

  3. Still here, still reading! Looking forward to hearing more from you when you’re up for it, and until then, yay snuggling kitties!

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