And a few more notes I forgot

1. Two weeks ago I went to a presentation on the Mighty Dead by Chris Penczak. I picked up his book,t he talk was interesting, he mentioned some Traditional craft stuff, and I think I can incorporate some of what he discussed into my own work.
The weird part is that in a full room (a good 20 people), I was one of the most experienced practitioners there. The only ones with more experience (at least who spoke up) were Penczak himself and Siduri, and I showed up with her. If I could offer one piece of advice to a seeker, or someone “electic” whow asn’t really sure which direction to go, I would just tell them to stick with something. One thing. Learn it more, and deeper. Let it integrate with the other parts of your life.
Sometimes it seems like neo-paganism as a movement suffers from serious ADD.

2. If you’re not reading Rue and Hyssop you are missing out on some serious goodness. Jen’s currently giving away a bunch of books this month to celebrate Halloween. Go have a look! (And maybe stay, she’s good people.)

3. Link editing has begun. Instead of doing it all in one sitting, I’ll update slowly as spoons allow. If you have someting you really really want to see there, speak up!


4 comments on “And a few more notes I forgot

  1. I thought about checking out his book of the same name when it first came out (I was surprised to hear that he had delved further into Trad Craft, as opposed to Wicca) but then forgot–thanks for the reminder! (Good seasonal reading. 🙂 )

  2. He’s still more neo-Wiccan and witchcraft, but the fact that he’s done his homework and has learned some (in this case Cochrane lineage) is cool in my book. (heh, book.) T has read it and she’s found a few things to incorporate into our Samhain work.

  3. I think there were two more people who did have a good deal of experience but that was all. Most people had no experience and limited knowledge. I did find the book interesting, he strays off into quite a lot of New Age type material but for me it was useful as some of the language is unfamiliar territory. I did find the ritual he provided for Samhain to be of interest, the chapter on ancestor work was good, and of course, useful recipes.

  4. yeah but it was oddly humbling to declare to the room I’ve been doing stuff related to this for over two decades. I mean, wow.

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