12 Nights of Yule for 2015: Fehu and Uruz

All these plans, all these ideas, and seldom do I get a chance to DO anything with them. During the weekend I remembered that Beth had created journaling questions for the 12 night of Yule using the runes. It seems like as good a task as any to get me back into posting here a little more and taking stock of this secular year.

I had planned to start this at the beginning of the week on Yule, but that did not happen. This has been my week: 3 days of work, a day of scrambling to pack/catch flight/sit through delay for fueling/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/my nephew preparing to get married in about 14 hours. How was your week?

Fehu: How has abundance manifested in my life this year?

Oh what a laugh this brings me now. Normally I (and a lot of other people) associate fehu with prosperity, but it’s not just money. It’s accumulating. And in my case, I don’t like the manifestation. Those of you with whom I may speak regularly know that I sometimes bitchcomplain about the fact that I still have most of my mother’s possessions in the house. I’ve barely been able to keep up with my own day to day necessities, so how could I even think of removing anything from the house? What I am hoping is that after this trip I can start taking even an hour or two each week to start sorting through stuff again and removing it. That must be done before I will tackle my own belongings (which could probably stand some weeding) because I need to know how much space I have before I start.

If anything, this experience is showing me that I do not want to put any friends, loved ones, or descendants in the position of having to go through stuff of mine which should have been taken out years before.

Uruz: Where is my strength?

My perseverance. The only reason why I am starting to do better at the end of this year is because I would not give up. Even through all the months when I dragged and stopped doing everything but the essentials, I kept at it and knew that at some point things would improve for me. I’m ending 2015 with a larger spoon capacity than I had at the beginning. I finally have my supplements working enough that I can get through my days with a better degree of clarity, and not wanting coffee at 2.30pm when I am starting my work day.

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