Em hotep and wassail!

it’s Beltane/Valborg, and I am celebrating by launching a blog. While shop is still being set up here, and it will take a while for things to really congeal, I want to at least start. So let’s get introductions out of the way.

Hi, I’m Soli, and I’m a syncretic mystic.

(Hi Soli!)

I practice multiple polytheistic faiths, often in a reconstructionist manner. I’m also a self-proclaimed mystic, ecstatic and visionary. I also am of the firm belief that I am far from the only person in the wide world of Pagandom who does such. In the coming days (and hopefully weeks and months), I hope to sort out exactly what some of these terms mean to me and discuss why I feel it important to share my Work with the world.

Before you ask, while I am starting to use the term syncretic, I am not using it in a way to indicate that I wish to bring my traditions together into some large meta-tradition. However, I have come to notice in the last several months that there is a definite theme to be found in the way I work.

My Gods are boundary gods. Esctatics, tricksters, guides standing at the crossroads, illuminating paths. My mysteries are not the mysteries of delving deep into one way, but knowing many ways and sometimes acting as a guide for others.

I hope this blog will both be educating and enlightening for all who read it.