An open letter – Pantheacon/ Pantycon 2015

Pantheacon has been over for about 48 hours now. I got home late last night. The problems and discussions began during the con itself. I am not feeling coherent enough to put events into my own words, so I will let my fellow Pagan Activist’s columnist, Shauna*, serve as words here.

Racism and Activism at Pantheacon.

Jonathan Korman has also written an open letter to the currently anonymous creator of this year’s Pantycon (for those who have not read Shauna’s recount, Pantycon is a parody newsletter which comes out during the weekend). I have co-signed it, along with others I respect, including my spiritual mother.

I am glad to see the details of what happened coming out so fast. In years past with such events, only pieces seem to have been available and that does not make for a fair dialog. If you weren’t there, or even at the event but not aware of the happenings, only knowing a little does not help the situations.

I’m also still kicking myself a little for not grabbing a copy of Pantycon when I had a chance.

I may or may not talk about this further for my next Pagan Activist post. In the meantime I’m going to get political and again voice my support for the letter, for the PoC community, and say #BlackLivesMatter.

*Who, outside of this, I got to meet in person for the first time during the con. Woot!


Helping the community

Signal boosting this post from my friend Sufenas for several people who are in need of financial assistance at this time. I sent e two of the stories yesterday and am glad to see them gaining more visibility: for Bob (a friend and fellow Assistus–Sufenas, proper declension?) and Kate Bornstein. There are also links to a fundraiser for victims and survivors of the Kansas shootings and another transwoman who needs money.

May every dollar received for these worthy causes be multiplied a thousand times over!

Yale 2012: Night Ten

Things on my mind today:
It’s the dark moon today. I’ve not been paying enough attention to the moon phases recently and had forgotten this. But as the dark and new moon are good times for focusing on banishing and beginnings, I am going to make tonight and this weekend about a rededication to more active spiritual practices. I have to focus, and if some changes are going to happen I need to put more work into them. This post on Agora earlier in the week has also been giving me some more motivation, even to take the little steps.
One of my nearest and dearest lost a parent early this morning. I know what it’s like to lose one, and I know I am coming to an age where I only have so much time left with the one I have.
And yes, I know I am already behind (again) on Pagan Blog Project. Part of the rededication is going to include making more time to write. I know my A topics as well as my B topics and one C. Then I’ll be digging through my draft posts from last year to see what I never got to write then.

Ehwaz: What has been confirmed for me this year?

I don’t know if this lesson has come into my psyche in a full way, but I keep getting reminded of the fact that people do love me, care about me, and want me around.

Mannaz: How do I relate to my community?

Coming out from under my rock over the past year has been great. I have been seeking out people and networking, which is a better word for what I have been doing. (And a thank you to Cena‘s post to reaffirm it for me.) I’ve also reconnected with some old friends who live near me. I’d forgotten how nice it was to have people around who just know you. It’s not exactly a formal community but it is a big help.