In which I get shinies and film them!

I’m kinda liking making Youtube videos. It does tend to go a lot quicker than writing and I am less likely to forget ideas. (boo on you brain)

In any case, last night I got shinies in the mail as well as at work so I decided to show them off. Enjoy! And if you can, please view directly on Youtube. They apparently have a setting where embedded views do not count in the overall tally.

Recent enjoyments

Some art/media I’ve recently been loving.

Dver, girl underground and creator of the fabulous resource Winterscapes is now making jewelry using gemstones and bones. Her site for this is Imwalde. Within a week of the site going live, I caved in to spiritual pressure/demanding and purchased the White Hart. You can see it on the right hand site of the front page. This necklace is completely amazing, arresting, and I am only starting to learn of the magic within it.

Elemental Castings. I’m not a big podcast person, mostly because when I subscribe to them I feel obligated to listen to them all and I just don’t have the time. Thorn Coyle’s podcasts are quickly becoming an exception. I am finding time to listen to this wealth of material. If you are any degree of magical practitioner you will find something of worth within these interviews.

Finally, here (part 1 and part 2) is a great interview with my friend Erynn Laurie. I credit her for being the catalyst for my starting to use the term syncretic to describe my practice of multiple traditions.

And last night, I had a mega-dose of media, in the form of Pearl Jam live in Boston. The day and the show were incredible as well as emotionally intense. As I was riding the train home earlier this afternoon, it dawned on me just how much “major woo” has been happening for me this year. I’m still adjusting.