What’s keeping me entertained and thinking recently

Since I am still having some issues getting my brain together enough to write in-depth posts, perhaps writing some shorter material will help get me back to that point. We won’t discuss how long it has taken me to put together this post. (Psst, I started it in late MARCH.)

First, a shout out for an older book which definitely should be read by more people. A Witch Alone by Marian Green. 13 chapters, with tasks for each moon cycle of a year, meant to bring the student more into alignment with a path focusing more on the natural world around them. She places a high emphasis on meditation, visualization, GOING OUTSIDE, and working with tools and materials you find while out there, as opposed to constantly dropping money on stuff stocked at your local (or online) woo-woo retailer. Especially recommended for people who want to take on a more European style practice, since Green is very in tune with her native England.

In publishing news, Huginn has put out a call for submissions for issue 2.2, covering ethics and values.

And now for some other material to read or listen to.

The Wild Hunt now has a podcast! Kudos to Jason for already getting some great material recorded.

Issue ten of Hex Magazine is in the pipeline and should be getting mailed soon. I always look forward to seeing what has been collected in each issue. There is always a great mix of both scholarly and experiential pieces presented.

Thorn Coyle has a new ebook available based on her Crafting a Daily Practice online course. You can read the introduction online for free, which is all I have gotten so far.

Reverend Tamara Suida, aka Hemet and Hekatawy I, did a podcast earlier this year about Kemetic Orthodoxy. If you’re curious to know about the religion, or have only heard second-. third-. or fourth-hand information, give a listen.

My dear friend Sufenas has announced their own study course, Academia Antinoi! The courses cover a wide range of topics: queer spirituality, reconstructionism, Antinoan related spirituality, and some topics on Celtic recon spirituality. I can’t wait to see how the academia develops in the coming months.

How can you resist a free collection of old witchcraft related books scanned and hosted by Cornell University? Where is my free time so I can dig through the offerings?

In an effort to connect with more practitioners, I’ve been dropping a lot of blogs into my reader and trying to comment more. The blogroll needs to be updated to reflect this, but in the meantime sate your curiosity here.

If you’re involved in any sort of witchcraft and not reading the Witch of Forest Grove, you are missing out on some amazing spiritual and practical writings. Sarah knows what she is doing, is not overrun with ego, and I always love seeing how people’s spiritualities impact their day to day life.

I’ve become a fan of Ms Graveyard Dirt since finding her as a suggested follow on Twitter. Not linking her web site because I know she’s had trouble with it being hacked. In the meantime, go read her tumblr.

And several more of varying stripes. Check them out! Some of them I found because I was specifically looking for people talking abut the hedge in the Pagan Blog Project.
Beloved in Light
Camylleon’s Cave
Confessions of a Hedge Witch
Fire of the Serpent (a friend in the House of Netjer)
Hagstone (Oh my Gods, FINALLY I find someone who appears to work in a fashion similar to my own!)
Ivy on the Path
Kemetic Reconnaissance
Lady of the Labyrinth
Memoirs of a Voodoo Beach Bunny
Mystical Bewilderment
New World Witchery
Root and Rock
Spider Goddess
The Norse Mythology Site HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Recent enjoyments

Some art/media I’ve recently been loving.

Dver, girl underground and creator of the fabulous resource Winterscapes is now making jewelry using gemstones and bones. Her site for this is Imwalde. Within a week of the site going live, I caved in to spiritual pressure/demanding and purchased the White Hart. You can see it on the right hand site of the front page. This necklace is completely amazing, arresting, and I am only starting to learn of the magic within it.

Elemental Castings. I’m not a big podcast person, mostly because when I subscribe to them I feel obligated to listen to them all and I just don’t have the time. Thorn Coyle’s podcasts are quickly becoming an exception. I am finding time to listen to this wealth of material. If you are any degree of magical practitioner you will find something of worth within these interviews.

Finally, here (part 1 and part 2) is a great interview with my friend Erynn Laurie. I credit her for being the catalyst for my starting to use the term syncretic to describe my practice of multiple traditions.

And last night, I had a mega-dose of media, in the form of Pearl Jam live in Boston. The day and the show were incredible as well as emotionally intense. As I was riding the train home earlier this afternoon, it dawned on me just how much “major woo” has been happening for me this year. I’m still adjusting.