Divination services

I offer some divination services to the public. Note that my divinations tend toward providing deeper insight into the querant’s situation than reading “into the future.” Contact me at quantumbutterfly at gmail dot com to make an appointment.

I have been working with the runes in some capacity for over a decade. For me, the runes are an alphabet, a divination system, and spirits unto themselves. I love doing rune readings for others and have always received positive feedback on my readings.
Three rune reading $25

Fedw is a modern geomantic divination system taught to shemsu in the House of Netjer. It involves four sticks being thrown and each pattern has a specific meaning. I throw for my Father, Wepwawet, and He loves answering questions this way. Note that fedw will not answer serious life questions, such as health and when someone will die. It also will not serve as an “alternative” to the Kemetic Orthodox tradition of the rite of Parent divination.
Per instructions of Netjer (God/s) fedw readings are free but people receiving readings are welcome to make a donation to the House of Netjer if they so choose.

I Ching for Seshat
I started throwing the coins in this Chinese system for my first Beloved, Seshat, a few years ago and She has proven to enjoy the service. It is by Her nudging that I am offering this service to others.
One throw $5

I’ve been working with Tarot cards on and off for two decades now, but have never studied them in depth. Because of this, the readings I offer will be done at my own discretion and will not require a charge until I feel comfortable enough to offer the services in a more formal manner. You have two choices of decks: the Ancient Egyptian tarot which has been claimed by Wepwawet, or my personal deck of choice The Wildwood Tarot.

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