I don’t know why I have such a mental block against doing spell work on a regular basis, but it is there. Recently, I got a Message that I need to start doing it more often, as in weekly. 0 to 40, I guess.

The blocks can be all sorts of introspective writing, but for the time being I am not interesting in doing that. What I can tell you is that yesterday I planted the cuttings I’d taken of the lemon thyme I grew this year. Once they were tucked into the pot I did galdr three runes over them so that they may grow and thrive.

Today I felt overcome once again by blocks. To the point where I am starting to wonder if there’s something working against me. I didn’t have the energy to do a reading but decided to smudge the house. My plant of choice is sweetgrass, in part because of the over harvesting of sage as well as that the original populations of my area utilized the plant. Since it had been a very long time that I’d last used smoke in the house it seemed like a good move. I started in my bedroom, calling for a banishing of everything standing in my way right now, and finished with a strong “Get The Fuck Out.” The braid went through the rest of the house, and in each room I repeated the GTFO statement.

In the short time I had before I needed to leave for work today, I did feel a little more oomph to handle some of what was in front of me. The key is to see how I respond tomorrow.


2 comments on “GTFO

  1. Maybe I should be making GTFO candles? Or incense perhaps, hmmm… Good for you, though! The key is to make little spells part of your daily life, rather than waiting to do formal rituals. (That puts too much pressure on it and can create its own block, you know?)

  2. It’s an idea, practical candles in addition to the deity pours.

    And I have some that some, but I also forget and they’re just routine now. Focus for me!

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