Happenings in the Kemetic internet

I’ve been going through the usual cycle of many low energy days and the occasional good ones. Add to that being slammed at work for almost two months and my time to devote even to thinking about blogging has been small. But I have reasons to plan writing again.

First item, my KO sibling Tawa’u has started a Kemetic bloghop! Every month a topic relevant to Kemetic religion will be posted and people can share as they are moved by the topic. The first topic will be gratitude.

What are you thankful for in this religion? How are you blessed?

You can find the bloghop link right here.

Second, as I am starting to recover I am doing one of my favorite things: learning. When I first became a member of the House of Netjer (a decade ago!) something I wanted to do was the Sau course. Sau is protective magic/heka. At that point I believe the course was closed to new students. It remained cosed, then on hold, until earlier this year. The Sau course is again available, for anyone who wants it, through Hemet’s Patreon. While I am still on lesson 0 I already feel like I am learning a great deal. Nothing in the world can beat having a good, involved, and experienced teacher when taking on magical work. I have seen so many people begginglooking for a teacher on the internet to no avail. And yes, you can buy into various online schools but too many of them aren’t worth any of the funds being put into them. I’ve known Hemet for over a decade now and I’ve seen more than enough evidence that she is experienced, skilled, competent, supportive, and takes no crap nor overinflated egos/boasting. Also having a teacher means I am going to take on areas I have usually avoided in my own self-study for whatever reason. Give her Patreon a look, even if you’re not interested in magical study. She is also offering classes in Middle Egyptian (bundled with other class offerings) and Kemetic Wisdom, divinations, and book discounts.

Gods willing I am going to do a full update sometime this week. Keep on me about this.

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