Days upon the year: Remembering strength

Hethert and Heru-wer by Kefetmisenu

Today is my birthday. I cannot believe I am 37 now. When did that happen?

Normally, I share my birthday with a feast day for Min (perhaps that explains some of my masculine energy?), but this year in the House of Netjer, Heru-wer and I have the same birthday. I feel honored to share in His day. And in a moment of Tarot amusement, today’s card was the Devil: Set. If tomorrow is the Chariot: Heru-wer, I doubt I will stop laughing.

As per usual, I remember the last year for its adversity, but it seems more fitting to talk about that tomorrow on Set’s birthday. Today I give thanks for being able to keep up my strength through a lot of situations which may have brought me down before. One of the lessons I have gained in my 30s has been how to keep on going through stressful situations. Once upon a time those situations would have completely done me in, and I would have utterly retreated from everything which mattered to me.

Heru-wer also became my Beloved this year, which means He has even more direct ways of influencing my life. He’s been coming around since 2008, and progressively showing a stronger presence, which is why I decided to have the additional Beloved divination. Since then, He has been quieter, but having a stronger influence. I feel glad for His presence in my life, and I feel He adds strength to me which I may not have been willing to show.

Dua Heru-wer,
On this the day of One with a Powerful Heart,
May You continue to share your Power with me, and help me show my own power as I interact with the world.

4 thoughts on “Days upon the year: Remembering strength

  1. Kefet does amazing work. I have the original of the drawing she did of my shemsu name, along with her Seshat-Nit-Nebthet and Wadjet and Nekhbet originals.

  2. My apologies for missing your birthday…I’ve not had any LJ access, and I usually see your posts on there through the RSS feed. Alas…

    In any case, there’s a lot to like with Heru-Wer as well, I think. I’d like to get to know him a bit more, and to add his image to my shrine when I can afford it and find one that I like…I’ve recently learned that he has more of a role in Antinoan matters than I had ever previously imagined, even though I (correctly!) predicted that he would two years ago with my work in the Serpent Path.

  3. Sufenas, very interesting about Heru and Antiuous. Give me a nudge when you post about it so I don’t miss out.

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